Author Topic: The middle East or the ever doomed VP-Table  (Read 1924 times)

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The middle East or the ever doomed VP-Table
« on: August 25, 2014, 09:49:03 AM »
Hey guys,

it's funny i think the VP-Table is always doomed when it comes to middle East.

Let me explain.

On the first map there were VP-Points on the Map in Basrah, Mosul & Bushire. The VP-Table was missing Basrah

On the new map there is only a VP Point in Kirkuk. The VP-Table is writing Mosul not Kirkuk.


 While i have really no idea how much Oil was produced in the middle east during WW2 .. was there really so much difference between them and Baku ? (10 Oil Points)?
Looking on a actual map in iraq i also see oilfields in Basrah & Baghdad and other territories
But i really don't know which were use in ww2... do you guys know that?

But what i know is.. the reduction of the iraq Forces from 2 down to 1 is wrong.  1941 they had around 60,000 Soldiers into 4 divisions against the British(+50-60 aircrafts).
So in the game that would be either 2-4 divisions.


- Increase the Iraq forces from 1 up to 2-4 divisions. Up to you :)
- Changing the VP table again up to 105.  But moving the Victory Point from Kirkuk to Baghdad and the one that was removed to Damascus (Syria).
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