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June 2012 Possible changes
« on: June 05, 2012, 10:36:43 AM »
On the ride back from Origins some ideas were thrown around.

1. Remove the 'zero' 0 turn/phase chit. It may save time. Leaderless armies move on the 1 draw.

2. Air units no longer longrange move during regular turns. They only move their move value 2fighters and 3 bombers/longrange fighters, and then only move 1 during mech phase. Then adding a land air phase for the air units to return to prior friendly landings.

3. Support units can fire on support enemy units. A negative modifiers being placed on this type of firing/attack in favor of the recipient.

4. Air units bomb support and reserve units with a negative modifier as above.

5. Naval units out of supply must move to regain supply unless through ZOC or enemy fleets. Something like that.

6. Naval units cannot voluntarily move out of supply unless the conclusion of the move places the units in supply. Something like that.

7. Uboats that shoot are then given an out of supply marker.

8. The turn after the Fall of France or when determining Vichy status (for ease of play) the German player receives a free subpen unit to be placed immediately on the place builds phase.

One idea I have is .....

When a country is conquered for the first time by Axis, the victor receives a certain amount of PP's.

When a fleet loses a battle it must retreat to port

An idea to speed play may be an "Overrun" rule.

An idea to promote combined arms maybe...

instead of a force with mech vs a force without mech receiving +2 with mech units

A force with artillery, air,a commander and mech vs one without receives a +1 for all front line units.

Make 88's able to fill the Artillery role.

John D.

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Re: June 2012 Possible changes
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2012, 12:15:27 PM »
I always thought 88's should have the option  to fill a artillery role at a "3" value. For some reason this has not been implemented...