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Attcaks across rivers
« on: May 23, 2008, 07:58:07 AM »
This is one Iíve brought up before. It hasnít been a huge issue in any of our games, but we have had situations where an attack was made across a river with a few infantry with a lot of heavier units ready to hit on the next round. All of the infantry that were able to attack on the first combat round were wiped out by the defender Ė and then the defender had to retreat to avoid getting crushed by the second wave. I know this is being addressed in the next game by using the idea of combat fronts, but I think that an optional rule for this game might be that if the defender is able to clear all of the first wave of attackers coming across the river (or amphibious landing), it is then assumed that the attacker didnít secure a sufficient beachhead or crossings, and they have to fight the next round with only half of the infantry again getting across.
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