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Dissolving fortifications
« on: July 03, 2007, 07:27:08 AM »
What about getting 1 PP back when dissolving fortifications?
1 PP lost for the static entities (Bunker, ....)
1 PP regained for emplaced gun that could be redeployed.

Would be an interesting option for both russia and germany.
The fortification has to be in supply of course.

Another idea that came to my mind was to seperate between garrision and fortification, thus it represents a building only
One can garrision them with infantry just like the owning players wishs, but you dont have to!

A ungarrisioned fortification can be occupied by the attacking party, to gain an additional hit during combat without increasing the combat value of the attacker

The enemy does not see whether the fortification is garrision.

In order to represent this on the game board you could place 2 markers
1 at the fortification representing the infantry
1 somewhere on the map as a ghost division. Only 2 markers per fortification are possible, not in the same province.

Only one fortification per province per turn may be re-/ungarrisioned to avoid regarrisioning of fortification stacks too quickly.
So its part of a long term strategy to confuse the enemy and can t be abused to double the stationed troops

The allieds didn t know what was waiting for them after all.

This could have some interesting influences on tactics especially during the invasion of france.
Faked attacks would serve as reconnaissance missions to gather information about the enemy group strength.

Its also a viable option for the russian during barbarossa to confuse the germany invaders during their offensives.