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After Action Reports / Playtesting / summer 2011 playtest, Europe
« on: June 03, 2011, 04:07:53 AM »
I am playing the axis and John is playing the allies. Here is a copy paste of my synopsis of the first 3 turns that I sent to Mike and Mark:

Africa---We played through the first three turns, france has fallen, Italy is at war and rommel is just over the line in british north african territory right outside mersa matruh. My one tranport sank and thus I have learned that Italy needs to immediately churn extra transports from the start in case this catastrophic event happens. Should have a tranport out at the end of the 4th turn, this really sets me back but I feel confident that I can get to cairo before russia happens. Heavy naval losses in the mediterranean as John has been a reckless with his fleet, even in the face of 2 german fighters and 2 bombers that I let Italy borrow. British navy has vacated the area except for an out of supply(bomber on rhodes) and damaged British battleship and australian cruiser.

France--John dumped an incredible amount of british material into the defence of france. He even forted a brit and 2 french in champagne outside of paris. I circumvented this by carving a path throughthe northern coast; Flanders, Picardy and then Paris. John utilized massive counteroffenses and threw away as many french troops as possible, deforting all 6 forts in alsace lorraine and hurling them against my 88's and troops, even killing some panzers! His desperate mech offense back into paris cost him 2 british tanks and a troop. This is on top of one other british tank lost as well as 2 or 3 other troops lost and 2 or 3 fighters. Really really ugly shit happened in france!

Atlantic-To add insult to severe injury, I have maxed subs since the beginning at the expense of fighters and ground troops. The past two turns were dire for Britain and the commonwealth as their production was cut in half both times. John is doing a good job getting destroyers out though.

Norway is a cluster. Again John has thrown his navy at my fleet(above denmark) with reckless abandon in the face of long range fighter bombers and bombers. He got lucky though and I only have a battlecruiser and transport left with raeder. His battleship and two cruisers are now out of supply hovering above denmark with my massive air force ready to pounce. unfortunately this also means that my 6 troops in norway with artillery is out of supply. We are stuck below Narvik, we can't crack 5 british troops and 2 artillery. My only solace is that this appears to be a large commitment of british troops, and I am thankful that I don't see it in the sparse north african regions.

Russia- I don't know much about whats happening there but I do know this: flawless victory in vyborg, in the winter! It was a christmas miracle for john. For me, thats about 6 more russians that I'll have to deal with.

Reviews / 2010 game review
« on: May 11, 2010, 04:09:33 AM »
This review is for the newer big d12 game, not the one that uses six sided dice. I have not played the earlier version. I started playing this game regularly in late 2008. My knowledge of world war 2 at that point in time was very minimal. I knew about events like Pearl Harbor, D-Day, the Holocaust, etc. and knew that the war ended in 1945. I didn't have a very good understanding of who was in the war besides the major powers and I certainly had no knowledge of the military strategy and tactics employed by either side. My interest in this conflict has spiked dramatically ever since I started playing this game, a great sign in a game. This game really brings the conflict alive for me with a incredible depth of strategy and an an even stronger enthusiasm brought by the other players which include the creator of this game and his cohorts. Also, I believe my ignorance brings an interesting viewpoint to the table as I simply focused on gameplay (at first) without the fetter of history influencing my strategy. This review will be of the game mechanics then, although my ignorance of the war is clearing up as I have been doing a great deal of reading and am absorbing much history from the group.

The rulebook is something like 30 pages. There is a steep learning curve to the game but one must realize that it is a ww2 simulation board game. This is ameliorated with the reference sheets like battleboards, naval, air to air boards, build charts and political rules sheets. It takes playing this game several times to start to understand the rules. It will then take a few more games to understand the implications of the rules. I believe I now understand the implications of the rules very well, especially concerning zoc rules and the motion of the very comprehensive list of ground and naval units. There are a great many tactics employed in the game that come out naturally from the rules, a sign of greatness in my opinion.

The battles in the game are very exciting. Besides the incredible amount of movement choices you have that culminate to battle, you even have a significant number of choices to make during battle, I never get bored while playing this game. It is even exciting watching battles play out without rolling any dice yourself. It is still exciting to even look at the board for hours and hours on end between turns. There is just so much plotting that can go on and it is all so much fun.

This game is a really fun with a group as well. The more the merrier I say. With the extreme length of the game, it is common to dedicate an entire weekend to playing, which feels like one big party. If you like to talk and hear about the history of this time period, or battle tactics, technology whatever, and you have lots of friends who feel the same way, then get this game.

The game appears to be fairly balanced to me except there is an ongoing dispute about which side has the advantage, an extremely hard thing to quantify, but highly tunable since the victory chart is a function of the number of axis territories owned, thus, there is no impetus to change large parts of the rules infrastructure. This game is still constantly being playtested anyhow so balance is not really an issue currently. t is shocking to see a game of such a large scale, fun to play the whole time, and fairly balanced simultaneously.I sicken at the sight of axis and allies now, it looks like checkers to me now, I am just not interested in it's simplicity. This is the best wargame I have ever played, and I am familiar with quite a few. I am more of a Eurogamer at heart than an ameritrasher. But even though I prefer eurogames, I'd still have to say that this game ranks near the top as one of the best games I've played overall.

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