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After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: summer 2011 playtest, Europe
« on: June 03, 2011, 04:34:08 AM »
So last night John and I played another 4 turns which brought us up to Summer 41. Pics will be up soon.

Mediterranean-Italy sunk the remaining british subs with hunter killer bombers. Rommel is stuck at Mersa Matruh with 5 infantry, a fort, an artillery, 2 panzers, 2 88's and a grenadier while Gort is defending alexandria with 4 forts, some troops, 2 artillery and 3 AA guns. We are both digging in and have been engaging in a staring contest for the last 4 turns. Meanwhile Italy has flawlessly taken out Malta(in the winter) and Crete in spring with paradrops and amphibs. Cyprus is out of supply and there is a force ready to take it out next turn.

Western Europe-No fighter or bomber activity in Britain or germany at all. Lots of sub activity though. Subs have destroyed more than 150 points of production for this whole 7 turns. There was a turn where Germany had too many subs which means to me that there was such overkill in the convoy zones that it wasn't worth it to risk the sub in the off chance that I didn't max out damage there. So instead I had that sub ace go after a destroyer and I sank it. I am under the firm belief that maxing uboats until you run out of uboat pieces is a good strategy. I am starting to lose them more frequently though as John has 3 destroyers in all the major ports at this point.

Also, the uboats have also really slowed the brits down, I don't think john asked me once if I wanted to use sub interdiction which tells me that he is waiting for the noncombat move to relocate troops via transports.

Balkans-They fell without much incident. Not much to say.

Norway-Germany finally cracked norway in Spring 41. I consider the british defense of trondheim an overall success. It blocked me from 8 dollars a turn if you consider that finland did not make it into the war until spring. Finland is a really spectacular territory and so it has deeply saddened me that I could not start pulling out a few extra finnish troops before barbarossa and send some germans to finland as well. They start in great terrain and help to loosen the grip Russia holds on Leningrad as well as the surrounding forest areas.

Barbarossa- Wait till you see the pics! Russia attempted a really aggressive strategy. The russian front sported tanks, troops, aa guns, plenty of artillery and AT guns. Some artillery and aa guns were removed as they were surrounded with nowhere to retreat but heavy german casualties were inflicted as well leaving both sides just ragged. Germany had sent almost all their fighters on the board to pin russian fighters at a 2:1 ratio for most planes. 1 german fighter lost, while 4 russian fighters were lost. Germany has also invested a lot of money in stukas, bombers and long range fighters(lr fighters have reached "max forever" status in my book) and they have been raining hellfire down upon the russians.

Vichy Iraq is all axis but britain quickly put them out of supply and mopped them up so thanks for nothing Iraq. 

After Action Reports / Playtesting / summer 2011 playtest, Europe
« on: June 03, 2011, 04:07:53 AM »
I am playing the axis and John is playing the allies. Here is a copy paste of my synopsis of the first 3 turns that I sent to Mike and Mark:

Africa---We played through the first three turns, france has fallen, Italy is at war and rommel is just over the line in british north african territory right outside mersa matruh. My one tranport sank and thus I have learned that Italy needs to immediately churn extra transports from the start in case this catastrophic event happens. Should have a tranport out at the end of the 4th turn, this really sets me back but I feel confident that I can get to cairo before russia happens. Heavy naval losses in the mediterranean as John has been a reckless with his fleet, even in the face of 2 german fighters and 2 bombers that I let Italy borrow. British navy has vacated the area except for an out of supply(bomber on rhodes) and damaged British battleship and australian cruiser.

France--John dumped an incredible amount of british material into the defence of france. He even forted a brit and 2 french in champagne outside of paris. I circumvented this by carving a path throughthe northern coast; Flanders, Picardy and then Paris. John utilized massive counteroffenses and threw away as many french troops as possible, deforting all 6 forts in alsace lorraine and hurling them against my 88's and troops, even killing some panzers! His desperate mech offense back into paris cost him 2 british tanks and a troop. This is on top of one other british tank lost as well as 2 or 3 other troops lost and 2 or 3 fighters. Really really ugly shit happened in france!

Atlantic-To add insult to severe injury, I have maxed subs since the beginning at the expense of fighters and ground troops. The past two turns were dire for Britain and the commonwealth as their production was cut in half both times. John is doing a good job getting destroyers out though.

Norway is a cluster. Again John has thrown his navy at my fleet(above denmark) with reckless abandon in the face of long range fighter bombers and bombers. He got lucky though and I only have a battlecruiser and transport left with raeder. His battleship and two cruisers are now out of supply hovering above denmark with my massive air force ready to pounce. unfortunately this also means that my 6 troops in norway with artillery is out of supply. We are stuck below Narvik, we can't crack 5 british troops and 2 artillery. My only solace is that this appears to be a large commitment of british troops, and I am thankful that I don't see it in the sparse north african regions.

Russia- I don't know much about whats happening there but I do know this: flawless victory in vyborg, in the winter! It was a christmas miracle for john. For me, thats about 6 more russians that I'll have to deal with.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: 39 game
« on: June 03, 2011, 04:04:49 AM »
John and I are playing a game at the same time, so next time you are playing remember that there is another axis player out there(me) that may be sharing your joys or feeling your pain.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 24, 2010, 08:31:59 AM »
PS. Lesson #1: Never ever Banzai counter-offensive!!

Hahaha! Truer words were ne'er spoken.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 24, 2010, 03:37:09 AM »
John should have the pics up soon but I can at least comment on the recent developments. Axis victory in the autumn of 44!

The Allies took back all of Papua New Guinea, Guadalcanal, and other nearby islands and were beginning to take over the Mariana islands, carolinas and whatever the 3rd one is in that group. The Japs started throwing their fleet, bullet-catching-saving-president style in front of a reduced capital ship US transport fleet. In particular for the fight of the Mariana islands(?) A staggering large number of US air was not enough to defeat the Yamato and Jap cruisers in the area. The thing is, a returned battleship will come back and fight but returned planes don't. The details will come back to me when I see the pics, this game ended 2 weeks ago. We did not play with the rule that a transport needs to survive one round of combat to land. John and I both had transports in the area ready to deploy troops to the island.

Quick question: Would my 6 troops be there for the defense of the island or would they go into reserve?

The allies couldn't retake Calcutta but managed to push in on both sides through Rangoon with Stillwell and his chinese forces.

The Oil fields in the malaysia/indonesia region remain unmolested.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 06, 2010, 03:20:59 AM »
A2A of 3 is preferable to me then making them cost more.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 05, 2010, 08:33:51 AM »
I think the bombers are fine where they are now, I have no issues anymore.

Love the ASW change and the fact that everything goes down with the ship. Such events will be spectacular and a little more rare.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 04, 2010, 05:23:25 AM »
I had 2 destroyers and an 2 air with the second carrier sink actually. I didn't return you and you rolled low, you did get lucky.

But a 1 in 6 chance is great odds against the japanese because of their pitiful one hit carriers. The problem wasn't the subs in this instance, it was the carriers. A 1 in 6 chance against the japanese means that about every 6 shots, you should sink a fully loaded carrier which means you destroy 36 points worth of navy or about 6 pts a turn, not to mention time lost building another carrier and planes. This is better than doing economic damage with them.

Subs have to be the best piece in the game, I am just glad that both sides can build them.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 03, 2010, 05:28:04 AM »
You make a great point Mark, all units do not need to have comparable cost/effectiveness ratios. The heavy bombers were just better than regular bombers and they didn't cost so much more, this represents a superior technology, just like the german jet fighters. In terms of gameplay though, there is no contest. Heavy bombers cost 16% more than regular bombers and have AtoA increased 100% and bombing damage increased 100% and they probably are better land bombers and they have longer range, etc.  In game terms this means that it really is just silly to build regular bombers anymore but once the US figured out this technology they didn't just stop building regular bombers, I think. You've already taken care of this by putting a limit on how many heavy bombers you can have on the build chart so if you need even more bombers you have to build the weaker ones. So I am not under the impression that the unit is broken anymore.

My main worry was that my fighters were getting shot down too much, not that the bombers were actually getting by. So the only change I would suggest now(with the mindset that the new bombers are just plain better overall and thats ok) wouldn't actually change if the bomber gets by or not. Keep him as a 4 AtoA and add 1 to the bombers die roll instead of the fighters. I leave it up to you historians to decide if this would better represent how many fighters were downed by hvy bombers or if it is represented correctly the way it is now.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 02, 2010, 09:57:08 AM »
For the submarines, I was referring to when subs sink a carrier during a snap fire. This snap fire happens well before any battles take place, it happens during the initiative phase. So the planes have not even gotten a chance to move yet in the game, but they were going somewhere, we just hadn't actually moved the piece yet. We thought it reasonable that the planes would have time to rebase and move with all the planes at the end of the initiative phase. On writing down all my logical steps now I see that I  may have some holes in that logic. I guess my main problem with it is that the subs do things in the game well before the simultaneous choices could be made. It actually does make sense that subs have this "first strike" attribute associated with them, although.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 02, 2010, 09:40:30 AM »
Oh and Slim is in a japanese prison. We took his hat. He is real pissed.

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: November 02, 2010, 09:39:46 AM »
I have a rule suggestion, again having to do with the extremely overpowered american heavy bombers. As of right now they are a 4 air to air, which is +3 bonus over a regular heavy bomber. The impetus for this incredibly high str was to simulate the staying power of the bomber, but they weren't better at shooting down enemy fighters than another fighter, right?

So here is what I think: Drop the air to air down to a 2, giving them +1 AtoA over a regular bomber because of the ball turret of course. Then add 1 to the AtoA roll of any fighter that is in combat with the bomber. The bomber will get through a good deal of the time this way.

By the way, is the bomber damage still a whopping 2d6 or is it the roll 2d6 drop the lowest and add 1 to the die roll of the other die?

After Action Reports / Playtesting / Re: PACIFIC PLAYTEST!
« on: October 29, 2010, 04:40:07 AM »
So Mike and I are playing the Japs while John has taken over the allied operations. Within the first 2 turns we landed troops on all of New Guinea, guadalcanal, new caledonia and Fiji with the use of our destroyers.

I think now we are on turn 6, The US has started taking back the pacific islands. Fiji is down and now they are making their way over towards New Guinea. A giant naval battle took place in the immediate area. We positioned our Navy to block the Fiji attack but instead found ourselves irresistibly charmed by the US fleet sitting alone northeast of our position. We bit down hard with everything we had but risked become entangled by american cruisers, unable to return to the defence of mainland Japan. We managed to deal a severe blow to the american navy and at the same time found the one path that would let us escape and not be cut from supply. This whole thought process took about a half hour, much to John's chagrin as he stood there not having much to do but listen to broadcasted enemy communications.

Well what happened? I am starting to think that everyone died in battle. No victor to speak of, nobody left to tell the story.

Europe Map / Re: ASfE 6'x4' Mapboard
« on: June 30, 2010, 08:56:59 AM »
I'd say you could put the U.s. a little further down the board, center it vertically. It doesn't make sense that it takes 4 map water spaces to get to britain but it takes 6 map water spaces to get to Spain. Spain is closer to america than the u.k.

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