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After Action Reports / Playtesting / 39 game
« on: May 31, 2011, 06:56:56 AM »
Okay, my first time playing the advanced edition starting in 39. I will keep up a running update as each turn is played. Players are myself playing the axis and my two two brothers playing the allies. I have about 7 games of the first struggle experience as does one of my brothers. I don't have the rules completely down yet but just couldn't wait to start this game. Will learn as I go and will try to post some pictures later.
Firstly, the aesthetics of the game are fantastic. Best WW2 map I've ever seen and the counters add a lot. I also, so far, really like the changes to the movement phase with initiative and chit draws-I feel that this will have an enormous effect on the russian theatre.

turn 1
germany crushes poland with minimal casualties, redeploys major forces towards the west, and takes out denmark in its spare time. u-boats and raiders deal 13 damage to britain. russia cleans up eastern europe and deploys forces to leningrad. britain and france deploy destroyers against u-boats but fail to kill them.

turn 2
germany defeats all of belgium and the netherlands. interestingly enough the latter inflicts almost as many casualties on germany as poland and belgium combined. guderian and rundstedt are poised to attack france. another 9 economic damage inflicted on britain but commander luth's sub is tragically sunk by british destroyers in the north atlantic. germany also invades the undefended western coast of norway. The british oppose the norway invasion and send a fleet to attack but heavy german aa shoots down the swordfish and returns the bomber. both sides retire from battle with a damaged cruiser and the norwegian invasion continues. britain also decides to reinforce france. egypt is relatively undefended but italy is occupied by building up against france. russia wins the winter war with few casualties.

turn 3
germany defeats the french in champaigne and dijon, given the initiative, next turn rundstedt will pin paris while guderian forces the french surrender with further southern attacks. the british again reinforce picardy while the french draw most of their forces back to paris and send a few others to hold the southern territories. italy attempts to assist her german ally but fails miserably, losing 6 infantry in her attack to france's 2. further attacks are made in norway which is reinforced by germany, and ignored by britain, and prien attacks the british.

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