World War II: The Struggle for Europe and Asia (2nd edition)!

Two interlocked games: World War II: The Struggle for Europe and The Struggle for Asia is a conflict simulation like Third Reich™ or World in Flames™ combined with the aesthetics of playing with miniatures in an elegantly designed game system.

For players who like Axis and Allies™ but want something more realistic as a simulation of World War II – or for those players who love ConSims but have less than 100 hours to play and also want something a little more aesthetic to play with than stacks of cardboard counters, World War II: The Struggle for Europe and Asia is a perfect mix contained within a truly unique and challenging game system.

Play tested for more than 10 years, the game is a labor of love for its designers and features a good balance between playability and historical accuracy. The ConSim features seasonal turns and a unique combat systemfeaturing historical leaders, initiative, the movement of reserves, and alternating movement rather than more the predictable “you move / I move” system. Geographic influences on play includes mountainous, forested, wooded, rough and arid terrain, major rivers; amphibious assaults, air transport, supply, rail movement and more!

The game simulates the Second World War at a strategic level. It is best played by two to six players each playing a combination of the major powers embroiled in the European conflict (Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States). The game allows players to manage their country’s military production, declare war, as well as plan and conduct strategic level combat from the depths of the Atlantic to the Ural mountains and from the ice of Murmansk to the sands of the Middle-East.

Play scenarios that start the game in either 1939 or 1941 for games that can last from 20 to 40 hours.


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