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Re: Texas Game
« Reply #45 on: February 25, 2007, 02:19:52 PM »
This looked like a very good game. I would guess that you guys have a very good understanding of the "balancing" of forces needed. Was this your 2nd game ever? Impressive!



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Re: Texas Game
« Reply #46 on: February 27, 2007, 01:26:26 AM »
It looks like you guys had a great game for your first 'real' time playing!  Thanks for sharing the pics   ;D

A couple of observations: 
Did you roll the trigger for Siam when the Japanese took French Indo-China?
The mountain territory in Eastern Turkey (Erzerum) is Turkish and you could have deployed your Turks there.
Next time, I'm sure the Italians will try and defend Sicily and Naples - better to fight than surrender with them, right?
Why were the Germans fo focused on the Crimea when Moscow and Stalingrad were so open? Things looked like they were going very well for the Germans in Russia until they got hooked on the Crimea.
Do you have any questions about the rules or observations?



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Re: Texas Game
« Reply #47 on: April 24, 2007, 06:35:20 AM »
Axis 3/41 Axis 4/41
Japanese take India, yet another crappy rolling fight for Brits.
Allies 3/41 The Chinese start an offensive.  No allied pics for 3/41

In the Far East Autumn 1941 pics (message #31, page 3), it looks like the Japanese attacked India using a strategic move or something, which if that is indeed what happened, FWIW, is not allowed. Not that I want to nit pick on rules or anything, but just thought I'd mention/ask about it.

Specifically,  #31 shows two pictures of India, the first photo (with an Autumn 1941 turn marker) shows two Jap ships adjacent to Calcutta and the bulk of the Jap fleet at Tokyo; there appear to be Jap troopships and DD's in the South China Sea, which is three move points from India - they have to move past Singapore to get to India. The very next photo (also with the Autumn 1941 turn marker) shows the entire Jap fleet along with the DDs/troopships having strategic moved adjacent to Calcutta and Japanese troops in Calcutta.  Seems like it should have taken a minimum of two turns to accomplish that move - one move for the distant ships to get in tactical range of Calcutta and the next move doing the actual tactical attack move into Calcutta. Or did I miss something?  Of course, come to think of it, the two Jap ships adjacent to Calcultta in the first photo would have prevented the Brits from strategic reinforcing Calcutta, so the Japs could have had the necessary time to do the strategic move followed by tactical attack movewithout the Brits reinforcing Calcutta.  However, both photos do show the turn marker as Autumn 1941, so it's a bit confusing.  Likely the turn marker just never got flipped or something.

Great photos - really enjoyed reviewing the game.